Top Quality Wooden Products
30+ Years Experience in the Woodworking Industry

Costruzione e riparazione strumenti ad arco
Design, manufacture and repair of acoustic string musical instruments.

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30+ Years of Experience
The best residential & commercial wood services
Why pick us
Operating out of our office/workshop/showroom in Toronto,  we offer expertise in design, craftsmanship in manufacturing and finally installation.  We are proud of who we are and this is reflected in the quality of our cabinetry as we have the utmost regard to detail. From conception to installation, we work closely with you to develop a design which meets your needs and your vision which ultimately results in  creating a beautiful and functional kitchen.  Overall, the commitment and dedication Melo Woodworking provides their customers is reflected in these outcomes.
our Vision
Deliver exceptional quality and price. Ensuring your build is exactly what you want.
our Mission
To deliver the best custom wooding project using the finest wood products.
Home Kitchen Renovations
We are experts in the field. We'll handle your
kitchen reno with professional and care.
No cookie cutter kitchens here.
We work with your vision to bring new life to the home you love.
Bathroom Vanity
From small to large your bathroom vanity will reflect the charm and sophistication of you.
Bedroom Closets and Vanities
Settle in to your custom oasis. Your design our workmanship.
We are open everyday
Monday to Friday 7AM to 5PM.
Please book an appointment
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Operational and Showroom
325 Weston Rd Suite 9b
Toronto, ON M6N 4Z9

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